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EcoNatural Starter Pack Deal

21/07/2017 11:02 am

Recycled tissue paper australia

Finding the right recycled tissue paper for your business can be difficult. Plenty of ‘recycled’ paper is no less harmful to the environment than ‘virgin’ paper. Our Lucart EcoNatural range however, is 100% recycled and certified by stringent European environmental groups. It’s not made using any trees, just recycled pulp from used beverage cartons in a waste free process.

For a limited time we are offering a sample pack of products from the Lucart EcoNatual range.

This pack includes the recycled toilet paper, kitchen towel, napkins, and facial tissues.

You can buy the pack without commitment to buying anymore products.

The Pack is available exclusively through OneZoo and includes:

X2 Kitchen Towels (3 ply, 34.5m Roll Length each)

X2 packs of toilet paper (x8 rolls total, 2 ply, 48m roll length each)

X4 packs of Napkins (x40 napkins per pack, 2 ply, 38x38cm)

X2 packs of pocket hankies (x20 packets in total of 9 hankies, 4ply)

Get your pack through OneZoo today!

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When you run a business, the amount of different supplies and suppliers you need can be a little overwhelming. Running a business is hard enough without having to remember all the details for every supplier you have. At AllTissue we understand this and so we’re excited to announce that some of our products are now available at

One Zoo is a one stop shop for hospitality supplies where you can order from all your suppliers on one platform. Rather than a whole bunch of small orders, One Zoo means you can make all your supplier orders on one website. You get lots of choice too, so you’re not limited to a few suppliers. It’s especially convenient for hospitality businesses as there are plenty of food suppliers and, now, a great quality paper supplier too!

Take a browse at One Zoo and see how it can help you streamline your business:

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Pay the way you want to

19/05/2017 2:24 pm

This week we're making it even easier for our customers to purchase their paper. As well as the usual methods of payment, you can now pay securely over the phone by EFTPOS or Credit Card. Pay however is easiest for you and your business. You also can receive frequent flier points for paying this way.



In other news, we have been experiencing technical issues with our ecommerce platform this week. You’ll be please to know thanks to the team at DesignSense, we’ve cleared up the issue. Making sure we give our customers multiple ways to purchase our products is important to us AllTissue. More Choice. More Care.

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In 2007, the Australian tissue market was lacking in choice and quality. The advancements in the European tissue industry were just not reaching Australia. AllTissue founders, Luigi Valeri and Piera Amadei saw this and decided to open a Melbourne office. In doing so they hoped to bring the innovation, specialisation, and ethical alternatives available in Europe to the land down under.

Ten years later and that’s exactly what AllTissue has achieved. We deliver more choice and more care to Australians in search of quality tissue paper. We exclusively import from Europe disposable tissue products manufactured to stringent European environmental and professional standards, with products that set the benchmark in technology, performance, and sustainability.

Better quality and performance means less waste and substantial annual savings. It also means you have choice – quality, value and eco-friendly.

AllTissue represents the future in choice for disposable paper tissues and Luigi and Piera couldn’t be more proud to have delivered this to Australia for the past decade.

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Toilet paper isn’t usually considered innovative. It just does the job or it doesn’t.

Well, not exactly. At AllTissue we stock a range of toilet paper that is truly unique. Biotech is a toilet paper that is good for the pipes, your wallet and the environment. Thanks to BATP technology Biotech cleans the sewerage system and septic tanks. Just throwing toilet paper into the toilet can help the environment. It helps to clean pipes and the sewerage systems without chemicals, reducing nasty odours.

Just how it manages to do this is pretty interesting, futuristic stuff. As soon as the toilet paper comes into contact with water, good microorganisms are automatically activated. These produce enzymes that feed off the disgusting organic matter that can be found in toilet pipes and sewerage systems. As the microorganisms make their way through the pipes they reproduce exponentially. Increasing their effect, even able to go where chemicals and mechanic intervention cannot. Once their journey through the pipes and sewerage system is completed they biodegrade without leaving a residue.

Not only does it make your business, or home, more hygienic but it also saves you money. In a restaurant with an average of 100 visitors a day over 150 days, there would be, on average, an 80% decrease in unblocking callouts.

It’s perfect for public establishments with sanitation systems that traditionally present problems due to large amounts of organic material entering the system (e.g. hotels, restaurants, campsites, community centres, offices), places that see a high influx of people and private and community establishments with closed-loop sewerage systems or septic tanks.

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106 Trees Saved

3/04/2017 2:40 pm

Last year we saved 106 trees. This year we want to save even more.

 environment recycled toilet paper

In 2016, by providing Lucart’s 100% recycled EcoNatural Products to Australia we saved the equivalent of 106 trees of average dimension.

Our EcoNatural range is different from most other ‘recycled’ tissue paper products. Not all recycled paper products are created equal and you must be wary when a brand of tissue paper purports to be ‘recycled.’ Many ‘recycled’ napkins, kitchen towels and toilet papers are just virgin pulp that hasn’t been bleached (hence the dark brown colouring). Also, a lot of so-called ‘recycled’ toilet paper is made from the waste pulp of trees cut from old-growth forests, which sometimes does more harm than good.

Our EcoNatural paper is a light tan colour, which has led to people thinking it doesn’t look ‘recycled’ enough. But you can’t judge a tissue by its colour, the EcoNatural range is 100% recycled out of used beverage cartons rescued from the landfill. This is done through a completely waste-free process that has minimised environmental impact.

According to the US National Resource Defence Council “If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fibre toilet paper (500 sheets) with 100% recycled ones, we could save 423,900 trees.” Of course, as with most statistics, this only concerns the USA, but I did a bit of amateur maths and worked out if each Australian household used just one roll of recycled toilet paper instead of virgin, Australia could save around 30,000 trees.

In the face of those numbers, 106 trees seems like a small start. But it is a start. Get yourself and your business on board and swap over to 100% recycled paper. Paper that is created from pulling cartons out of a landfill, rather than by chopping down forests.



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