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AllTissue are a tissue paper supplier with a difference. We care about producing environmentally friendly, quality paper and value for our customers. More choice and more care with AllTissue.

EcoNatural Recycled Brown Napkin

Help your business become more environmentally friendly by using certified environmentally friendly napkins. These napkins are created entirely from ...

EcoNatural Recycled Facial Tissues

Econatural Recycled Facial Tissues are velvety on the skin thanks to its many soft plies. It is also friendly to the environment being created ...

EcoNatural Recycled Paper Towel

Environmentally friendly hand towels, certified by stringent European environmental programs. These hand towels are created entirely out of the ...

EcoNatural Recycled Toilet Paper

100% Recycled toilet paper created entirely from recycled cellulose fibers found in beverage cartons. This Toilet Paper is strong, flexible, ...

EcoNatural Z Fold Recycled Paper Towels

100% Recycled hand towels created solely from recycled cellulose fibers found in beverage cartons. These hand towels are strong, absorbant and ...

Paper Cutlery Sleeve

Paper Cutlery sleeves that are practical, time saving and look good. They also include a 2ply high quality napkin in each pouch. Our paper cutlery ...

We found the Alltissue products superior and cost saving to what we were using and because they are dispensed from a unique unit supplied by Alltissue which measures the amount of product required, it immediately cut down wastage. We have been very pleased with these products and highly recommend that if you use any quantity of paper towel or toilet tissue, you give Alltissue products a try and you too will be happy with the outcome.

Rod Collin, Purchasing Mgr

This is to certify that Farm Pride Foods Ltd has been utilizing the Sensor Autocut Hand Towel System for the past 12 months at our manufacturing site in Keysborough, Victoria. We have approximately 80 staff at this site and have 35 of the sensor cut units installed throughout facility. Our budget indicates, using the Premium Hand Towel with Sensor Auto cut System has enabled us to save between 30 to 40 % on our annual costs. This system has been received by Aquis as well as our customers, Safeway and Coles.

Tony Wik, Procurement Manager.

We are very happy with the paper hand towels and toilet rolls we have purchased from Alltissue. Alltissue are very prompt and delivery is usually same day.

Mary King, Practice Manager

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