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Eco Technology at AllTissue Australia

 ‘Introducing the first paper made from beverage cartons.’

At AllTissue we are proud to be the only importer and supplier of Lucart EcoNatural products in Australia. 

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The next step in the evolution of ecological paper, EcoNatural products are made by recycling cellulose fibres found in beverage cartons.

Clean and Zero-Waste Technology

Apart from cellulose fibres, beverage cartons contain plastic materials and aluminium: thanks to the innovative Lucart Group Technology, these materials are not thrown out but are recycled in other manufacturing activities.

The Environment is Respected

Eco Natural Lucart does not cut down trees but recycles materials that would otherwise end up in a rubbish dump. The productive process takes place thanks to a mechanical action that physically separates materials without using damaging substances for man and the environment.

Excellent Resistance and Absorbance

The quality of the unbleached cellulose fibres found in beverage cartons can be compared to virgin fibres and therefore can guarantee excellent resistance and absorbance features in the finished product.

Respect the Environment by using EcoNatural Products

Choosing EcoNatural Products helps the environment. 

Our EcoNatural products range includes: Napkins, Paper Towel RollToilet Roll, Facial Tissues and Z Fold Paper Towels.

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