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EcoNatural Starter Pack | Recycled Disposable Paper


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Quick Overview:

Introducing the first tissue paper made entirely from beverage cartons...... the Lucart EcoNatural Range.

At AllTissue we are proud to be the only importer and supplier of Lucart EcoNatural products in Australia. EcoNatural products are made by recycling cellulose fibres found in beverage cartons.

Eco Natural Lucart does not cut down trees but recycles materials that would otherwise end up in a rubbish dump.

Last year, by selling the EcoNatural Range to Australians we managed to avoid 34.1 m³ of wasted dump, Save 106 trees of average dimension, Avoid 12 582.7 Kg of CO2 and recover 339,339 post-consumer beverage cartons.

This year we’re hoping to do even better and so we're offering a big EcoNatural pack full of our favourite products.

The Pack includes:

X2 kitchen towels (3 ply, 34.5m Roll Length each)
X2 packs of toilet paper (x8 rolls total, 2 ply, 48m roll length each)
X4 packs of napkins (x40 napkins per pack, 2 ply, 38x38cm)
X2 packs of pocket hankies (x20 packets in total of 9 hankies, 4ply)

This offer only lasts a month so contact us today to get your introductory EcoNatural Pack.

For more information on the environmentally friendly technology behind EcoNatural products visit Our EcoNatural Page.

View the entire range of EcoNatural Products.

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EcoNatural Starter Pack Specifications

  • 100% Recycled Tetrapak - Natural
  • Made entirely from recycled beverage cartons
  • Glued

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Color Brown