In 2007, the Australian tissue market was lacking in choice and quality. The advancements in the European tissue industry were just not reaching Australia. AllTissue founders, Luigi Valeri and Piera Amadei saw this and decided to open a Melbourne office. In doing so they hoped to bring the innovation, specialisation, and ethical alternatives available in Europe to the land down under.

Ten years later and that’s exactly what AllTissue has achieved. We deliver more choice and more care to Australians in search of quality tissue paper. We exclusively import from Europe disposable tissue products manufactured to stringent European environmental and professional standards, with products that set the benchmark in technology, performance, and sustainability.

Better quality and performance means less waste and substantial annual savings. It also means you have choice – quality, value and eco-friendly.

AllTissue represents the future in choice for disposable paper tissues and Luigi and Piera couldn’t be more proud to have delivered this to Australia for the past decade.

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