Disposable tissue paper products are so important for hygiene (just imagine a world without toilet paper!), but unfortunately, they often require the sacrifice of trees. Lucart EcoNatural has found a solution that doesn’t require any trees for its creation, just used cartons previously destined for the dump.

Chances are you’ve used a beverage carton before. Whether for milk, juice, soup or stock, cartons are everywhere. Although they might seem like a better option than their plastic bottle counterparts, they’re really not. Tetra-Pak cartons are made up of layers of plastic, fibre, aluminium and even more plastic, which not good for our planet earth. They are actually almost impossible to recycle.

At least, they used to be, before Lucart developed the revolutionary process that turns used beverage cartons into high-quality tissue paper. To put it simply, the process picks the beverage cartons apart, separating the plastic from the aluminium from the cellulose fibres. The cellulose fibres are then used to make all sorts of high-quality tissue paper products, like napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels and facial tissues. The rest of the materials are not thrown out but are recycled again in other manufacturing activities. It’s a completely zero-waste process.

Here at AllTissue, we are the only official importer and supplier of the Lucart EcoNatural range in Australia, and we are incredibly proud of this. In 2016, by supplying EcoNatural products to Australia, we helped in:


With the environment more of a pressing concern than ever, we’d love to do even better than this in 2017! Whether it’s napkins, toilet paper or kitchen towels you’re after get in contact with us and help make a difference and keep trees out of the tissue paper process!

*(1-litre brick average).

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