When browsing our range of products, you might wonder why the words ‘PEFC’ and ‘Ecolabel’ keep popping up. They sound a bit boring, but both help keep European businesses more environmentally friendly. They’re also essential to us in our commitment to keeping our business sustainable and eco-friendly.


PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, but that’s a bit of a mouthful so they just shorten it to PEFC. The PEFC is an international non-profit, non-government organisation devoted to managing forests sustainably. Unfortunately, we need trees to create a whole load of useful products, but the PEFC tries to reduce the damage by ensuring the entire forest supply chain meets the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. This means, protecting ecologically important forest area, preventing nasty chemicals from being used, protecting the rights of workers and keeping the forests sustainable. All in all, a pretty good idea.

ECOLABEL – An ecolabel is an environmental performance certification that can be awarded to products and services. These products and services must meet specific and stringent criteria which reduce overall environmental impact. When you see the Ecolabel logo on a product it’s a guarantee that the product has a lower environmental impact than other, similar, products. By purchasing Ecolabel products instead of their non-certified counterparts, you are doing your bit to ensure that the products you are buying have reduced environmental impact.

Almost all our products are BOTH PEFC and EcoLabel certified as we aim to give Australia access to toilet paper, napkins and hand towels that are as environmentally friendly as possible.