Toilet paper isn’t usually considered innovative. It just does the job or it doesn’t.

Well, not exactly. There is a range of toilet paper that is truly unique. Biotech is a toilet paper that is good for the pipes, your wallet and the environment. Thanks to BATP technology Biotech cleans the sewerage system and septic tanks. Just throwing toilet paper into the toilet can help the environment. It helps to clean pipes and the sewerage systems without chemicals, reducing nasty odours.

Just how it manages to do this is pretty interesting, futuristic stuff. As soon as the toilet paper comes into contact with water, good microorganisms are automatically activated. These produce enzymes that feed off the disgusting organic matter that can be found in toilet pipes and sewerage systems. As the microorganisms make their way through the pipes they reproduce exponentially. Increasing their effect, even able to go where chemicals and mechanic intervention cannot. Once their journey through the pipes and sewerage system is completed they biodegrade without leaving a residue.

Not only does it make your business, or home, more hygienic but it also saves you money. In a restaurant with an average of 100 visitors a day over 150 days, there would be, on average, an 80% decrease in unblocking callouts.

It’s perfect for public establishments with sanitation systems that traditionally present problems due to large amounts of organic material entering the system (e.g. hotels, restaurants, campsites, community centres, offices), places that see a high influx of people and private and community establishments with closed-loop sewerage systems or septic tanks.

Take a look at biotech septic safe toilet paper here.