You may have noticed that at AllTissue we have a range of hand towels and kitchen towels that are blue. Although it’s a nice colour, this has nothing to do with decorating your kitchen and everything to do with best hygiene practice. One of the biggest health and safety issues in a big, bustling restaurant or food manufacturer is cross contamination. Spreading all sorts of nasty germs around which is incredibly hazardous for food handling businesses.

One way to combat this is by ‘zoning’ cleaning equipment. For example, all cleaning equipment in the kitchen (where food is being handled) would be blue. Blue brooms, blue cloth, and blue paper. This way cleaning equipment isn’t moved from the food handling area to, say, the bathroom and thus the risk of contamination is significantly reduced. Blue is chosen for food handling as it has high visibility. If it accidentally sticks onto the food or gets in the food you’ll be sure to see it. Unlike with traditional white tissue paper which can go unnoticed, it’s the same logic as with the blue band-aids chefs are required to wear.

Our blue range is also PEFC and Ecolabel certified and biodegradable so passes stringent European environmental certifications.

It’s not a requirement yet, but it’s likely that it’ll be one in the future. You can get a head start on this by starting to use blue kitchen rolls/hand towels for your business today. But required or not, blue paper is best practice for keeping your business healthy and safe.

We have blue z-fold paper towels, centre-pull, queenet and autocut paper towels.

Take a look at our blue range here.