The holidays are a wonderful time, but they're often not the best time for the environment. That's why, from today, we at AllTissue have put together some handy tips on how to stay green at Christmas time.

Everybody loves Christmas trees, but they're not always great for the environment. Plastic artificial trees are terrible for the environment. Live trees are better as they help remove carbon from the atmosphere as they grow and you can make sure you get one from a sustainable source.

Decorations are such a big part of Christmas but they can also become a big part of a landfill. Decorations you love and recycle each year are great, but if you want new ones how about making your own decorations from objects lying around your house? Old DVDs, CDs, lightbulbs, bottle caps and toilet roll can all make fantastic Christmas decorations once you unleash your creativity. Check out this wreath make from recycled toilet rolls made by Country Living.

If you don’t like cardboard toilet roll waste but DIY isn’t your thing, you could always get coreless toilet paper. We supply coreless toilet paper that reduces the waste of toilet roll and doubles the amount of toilet paper per roll. A small but perfect way to reduce waste over the silly season.

Christmas tree lights use a lot of electricity over the holiday season, so be sure to turn them off when they’re not needed- you could even use a timer! The produce loads of unnecessary CO2 so if you can switch to LED lights or lights that are solar powered.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be really hard. The last thing you want is to give an unwanted present that will be destined for the landfill. Instead of giving them something that’ll create waste why not buy them an ‘experience’ instead? Tickets to the cinema, theatre or sports games are all fun experiences that’ll be sure to be used. Just don’t get a skydiving voucher for your friend that’s terrified of heights!

If an experiential gift isn’t what you’re after it’s best to shop local and support small businesses and artists. Buy something that’ll be treasured and isn’t mass manufactured and wasteful. Check out local markets and shop small, shop local and keep it in the community. Keep a look out for small local businesses (like AllTissue!)

When you have your gifts bought and ready to go, the next question is- how do you wrap them without harming the environment? About half the paper America uses each year is to wrap and decorate consumer products, that’s insane! How about wrapping your presents in newspapers, maps, calendars or brown paper instead? These are all much easier to recycled that shiny or metallic coloured wrapping paper. You can then wrap your presents with string and give them a gorgeous vintage feel.

We love using recycled paper at AllTissue! Our Econatural range of 100% recycled toilet paper, kitchen roll and paper towels has saved over 1.2 million trees in the 5 years it's been around.

The amount of cards sold in America during Christmas requires the harvesting of 300,000 trees a year. That’s over 10 trees a person! Instead of adding to this how about cutting up last years cards and making collages with paper scraps accumulated throughout the year? If you don’t have time to put that much effort into it use children’s artwork or send a family photo with your message writing on the back.

 Or don’t send a card at all and give your friends and family a call to let them know you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

Another way to save trees is by using our EcoNatural toilet paper- it’s made from recycled beverage cartons, not trees. In fact- by selling EcoNatural in Australia last year AllTissue helped save 106 trees.

There’s nothing more festive than a Christmas candle. Instead of petroleum driven paraffin candles try candles made from beeswax, soy or vegetable wax. Brands like Ecoya, Soapclub and Salus Body all have brilliant soy candle selections.

Christmas is a time to come together, so it can be tempting to use disposable plastics to cater for all the extra guests. Using plastic cutlery, plates and cups can save you a few minutes on the washing up but can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade! Spending a few minutes to save the planet a millennium.

If you have a lot of people round for Christmas dinner and a lot of dishes to clean how about getting some of your guests to help you with the dishes to lighten the load? 

Christmas shopping, visiting family and supermarket trips all mean that the car gets plenty of use over the holiday season. This also means more carbon emissions than usual, which is not great for the environment. But there’s a couple of things you can do to reduce your carbon emissions over Christmas. You can make a list, and check it twice, to make sure you can get everything you need in the least amount of shopping trips. Stay organised and you’ll be stuck in traffic less and won’t have to brave the Christmas crowds as much. You can also car pool, do your Christmas shopping with a friend or make sure your car is filled when going to see friends or family.

At AllTissue we also try to reduce CO2 emissions with our EcoNatural products. In the 5 years EcoNatural has been about it has saved around 73,000 tonnes of CO2. That’s 376,865 car trips between Melbourne and Sydney! Alternatively, you can always use public transport! Just make sure you bring a bag big enough for all your pressies! 

Combine shopping trips and car pool (make a list- check it twice- reduce carbon emissions)

Christmas is a time for eating! But be sure to shop organic, local and free range for food. Make sure you shop at food sources and shop seasonally.      

Here’s a useful website for  making the right decisions when it comes to food over the holiday season                  


 So the presents are opened, the eggnog consumed and the feast well and truly demolished, what now? No-one wants to think about cleaning up after Christmas day but this is where you can really make sure you keep it green.

 Firstly, be sure you compost food waste. Here’s a great guide on how to compost food scraps in a way that best helps the environment

 Then make sure any wrapping or packaging from the presents are properly recycled.

Then be sure to clean up with all-natural household cleaners, reducing the amount of harsh and nasty chemicals you use as much as is possible. have a great selection of natural cleaning products available on their website.

Lastly, sit back and enjoy your holidays, you’ve earnt it and are sure to be on Santa’s ‘nice’ list next year for all your environmental efforts.