Here at AllTissue we supply Australia the best Europe has to offer in tissue paper. Europe is at the forefront of tissue paper development, but nowhere is this more apparent than Lucca, a beautiful city in Tuscany, Central Italy. Lucca has deep roots in the creation of paper, its first paper mill opened all the way back in the mid-1500s. By the end of the 1600s, Lucca was home to eight successful paper mills.

Possibly owing to the quality of water in the area, Lucca made a name for itself in the creation of internationally-renowned high-quality paper. This reputation grew throughout the centuries with many innovations in paper originating here. By the 1970s Lucca’s paper making focus turned to the creation of quality tissue paper. Hand-towels, kitchen rolls, toilet paper and napkins were all being produced out Lucca. Today this reputation for quality paper is, perhaps, what Lucca is most well known for.

Large reputable tissue paper companies, like Lucart, are still based in Lucca. Lucart even takes its name from the historic city where they started the business in the 1930s. Our Eco-Label products are created by the company Lucart. The quality and innovation found in Eco-Label napkins, paper towels, toilet paper and kitchen roll can all be traced back to the brilliance of Lucca paper.

We are the only official importer and supplier of Lucart products in Australia, and for this, we are very proud. From the Italian paper mills of the 16th Century to AllTissue in Melbourne, the focus is and always will be, quality.

Lucca, Italy