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EcoNatural Z Fold Recycled Paper Towels


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100% Recycled hand towels created solely from recycled cellulose fibers found in beverage cartons. These hand towels are strong, absorbant and EcoLabel Certified. Ecolabel brand certifies that the products during the whole life span, respect the rigid criteria of European Union environmental standards. To fulfill this criteria a product must reduce water pollution, help with reduction in atmospheric pollution, reduction of greenhouse effect gases and is created with low electricity consumption.

For more information on the environmentally friendly technology behind EcoNatural products visit Our EcoNatural Page.

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Price for 3960 sheets.
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2 Ply
24x24cm Sheet Dimensions
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EcoNatural Z Fold Recycled Paper Towels Specifications

  • 100% Recycled Tetrapak - Natural
  • 2 Ply
  • 220 Sheets Per Pack
  • 24cm Sheet Length
  • 24cm Sheet Width
  • Eco Label Certification

3960 Sheets per Case

32 Cases per Pallet


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Color Brown